Boldly structured and unabashedly original, the shell depicts the journey of an unusually quiet prisoner who finds his way out of the prison and into a track of strange and horrid events. Little does he know that those who awaits him at the end of this trip will cast a light on the shadow of his gloomy family past?

avatar_empty3_engMostafa Aleahmad

After finishing his studies in fine arts and drama, Mostafa Aleahmad directed a number of short films which landed in interational festivals such as Montreal, Busan and Tokyo film festivals. He has also cooperated with German and Finnish TV channels on a number of animated and documentary projects. THE SHELL is Mostafa’s astounding feature debut.


Like Every Day










YEAR: 2009
DIRECTED BY: Mostafa Aleahmad
LENGTH:  80‘ min.
LANGUAGE: Farsi, Czech and English Subtitles
Kino Svetozor (Small Hall): Thursday 08.01.2015 – 16:15
Kino Svetozor (Big Hall): Sunday 11.01.2015 – 18:15
Bio Oko: Saturday 10.01.2015 – 20:30