Beneath the smiles and the seemingly cheerful faces of once an affluent family is now an irreversible undercurrent of despair and gloom that better be kept concealed on the very day a suitor is coming from abroad to propose to their only daughter. Will this ominously stark afternoon reach its end with all the unspoken secrets still withheld?

Mehdi Rahmani - SnowMehdi Rahmani

Born in 1979, Mehdi Rahmani graduated in filmmaking from I.R.I.B. University. His feature film Snow (2014) has been screened at prestigious international film festivals such as Moscow, Shanghai and Montreal film festivals. Mehdi is also an active member of the Directors Guild of Iranian Cinema and the European Documentary Filmmakers’ Society.













YEAR: 2014
DIRECTED BY: Mehdi Rahmani
LENGTH: 90′ min.
LANGUAGE: Farsi, Czech and English Subtitles
Kino Svetozor (Big Hall): Thursday 08.01.2015 – 20:30
Kino Svetozor (Small Hall): Friday 09.01.2015 – 18:30
Kino Scala: Wednesday 14.01.2015 – 18:00