Painting a portrayal of a doomed group of Iranian illegals in Athens, L’Escale examines the radical choice of pursuing a better life through the most perilous of possibilities: clandestine. Filled with humor and bitterness equally, the film profoundly captures the insecurity of people desperate to make a new life for themselves, yet hampered by a system designed to be impenetrable.

avatar_empty3_engKaveh Bakhtiari

Born in Tehran in 1979, Kaveh Bakhtiari graduated from the École cantonale d’art as a designer in visual communications and has ever since made a number of very successful films. His striking documentary Stop over (L’escale) premiered in Cannes Film Festival and was nominated for the European Film Awards 2013.



STOP-OVER (L’ESCALE)- trailer from Kaleo films on Vimeo.

Like Every Day










YEAR: 2013
DIRECTED BY: Kaveh Bakhtiari
LENGTH:  100‘ min.
LANGUAGE: French and Farsi, Czech and English Subtitles
Kino Svetozor (Small Hall): Wednesday 07.01.2015 – 20:45
Kino Svetozor (Small Hall): Saturday 10.01.2015 – 16:15