The industry program will be held in English only.


The 4th edition of the Festival of Iranian Films will be accompanied for the first time by an industry program taking place on the 8th and 9th of January in Hotel Beseda.
A selected list of Iranian producers and filmmakers along with a number of active film industry personalities with various backgrounds of TV and film production from United Arab Emirates will attend this two day industry program. The purpose of this event is to turn the industry program into a meeting point for the European and Middle-Eastern film industries and to create the chance for potential co-production projects.
The guests will attend the industry program with projects in different levels of development and will get to know their counterparts in Prague in order to evaluate the chances of future cooperation.
Within this program, the guests will get to know in details the range of the expanding film and TV production opportunities in the Czech Republic and the possibilities available in this progressive market.
The number of feature films that are produced every year in Iran alone has exceeded 140 titles and the dynamics of a co-production with the Czech Republic are in place. The Middle Eastern film industry is a growing market and the main goal of the industry program is to create a mutual awareness between the Czech and Middle Eastern film industries in order to create a fruitful collaboration for both sides.